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What is the F1Manager?
What is different from last year?
What is the same as last year?
What can I win?
How do I join?
How do I manage my team?
Why can't I change my team?
How many points do I get?
How do I earn new budget?
What are clubs?
Can I discuss points or news somewhere?
What else should I know?
What if my question is not in this FAQ?

What is the F1Manager?

The F1Manager from FoletonF1 is a very simple Formula 1 management game. You get a starting budget, which you use to buy two drivers, a chassis and an engine. Depending on how these perform in the actual qualifying and race, you score points, which are used to determine the leaderboard in this game. Per scored point you will also earn extra budget, which you can use to improve your team over the course of the season. At the end of the season, the player with the most points is crowned champion. That's all it is.

What is different from last year?

Not so much. Due to the fact that we have an extra team, we have slightly redistributed the points to give everyone up to position 21 at least a single point. Since we were pretty happy with the balance and development rate, the total amount of points and prize money is virtually the same. We have also decided to make TAG Heuer and Ferrari 2015 seperate engines from their parents Renault and Ferrari, to give you something extra to choose from in the engine department.

What is the same as last year?

Some things really worked well, so we decided to keep them for this year.

First of all, during Grand Prix weekends, the transfer market is closed. Obviously you can look at your team and even sample new teams, but you will not be able to complete the transaction. If you miss the deadline, the next opportunity you have to change your team will be at Tuesdays after the race.

You still can not look at anyone else's team between Grand Prix. On the other hand, during the Grand Prix weekends all teams will be published, whether you like it or not. People will see what team you used during a Grand Prix, and you will be able to check if the points person x scored are correct for the team he raced. Not only do we consider this an essential part to prevent cheating, more importantly we think it is more fun if you can see what your closest competitors are racing with during the weekend.

We have decided to keep the costs fixed again this year. With variable costs, there is a big risk that winners get richer and losers get poorer, resulting in an unbalanced, unfair and unfun game. We still reserve the right to update the costs after an evaluation period if we deem it necessary. You will be notified in advance and be able to join in the discussion whether an update is needed and how it should be handled.

We've also kept the system where you score points for each car with the engine you run in your team. Last year this turned out to be very well-balanced relative to chassis and return-on-investment. And although it gives you less choice than having 11 engines to choose from, it adds a different strategy consideration which makes the game more diverse than treating engines exactly the same as chassis.

We've also decided to keep the variable transaction cost paid over drivers, chassis and engines, based on overall ranking. This is done to slightly counter-act the "rich get richer and the poor get poorer" dilemma that inevitably arises becasue of the prize money system. It turned out to be an unobtrusive but effective way to keep players closer during the season.

What can I win?

Absolutely nothing. This game is for fame and fun only.

How do I join?

Make sure you have an account at FoletonF1. If you do not have one, register. Make sure you use a valid e-mail address, as you will need the password that is mailed to you.

After you've registered and logged in, go to the team management page. You will be asked to create a team. All you need to do is come up with a name for your team, and submit it. If the name is valid (being unique is usually the toughest requirement), your team will be created, you will get a load of money from us, and you can start manageing. That's all there is to it.

How do I manage my team?

This is easy. In the team management page you will see your current team and statistics on the left. On the right, you will see an edit area. Here you can select new drivers, chassis and engine, and see what that change does to your budget. If you are satisfied with the team in the edit area, you can click the "PURCHASE TEAM" button to complete the transaction. In order for the button to work, your team needs to be valid, you need to be able to have enough budget to pay for it, and the transfer market needs to be opened.

An important feature to know about, is that you can change your team any amount of times before the first race you participate in, without paying transaction costs. You will only pay the cost of the new driver or parts, and get the money from the old driver or part back. After the first race, however, you will not get a full refund. The driver or manufacturer you're parting with charges up to 2% of their cost to terminate their contract (depending on your ranking; if you rank lower, you pay a smaller severance fee because the driver or manufacturer is less sad to leave you). So you better think twice before you fire an expensive driver or tell a top-notch manufacturer that you will no longer require their services, as that can cost a lot of money!

A final tip, in the results section of the site you can find all kinds of important metrics about how drivers, chassis and engines have performed this year and in the past. For example, you can see how many points a specific item scored last year, or if a driver offers good value for money.

Why can't I change my team?

This can be due to a number of reasons. Maybe the tranfer market is closed. During Grand Prix weekends, you can not change your team. The deadline for changes is midnight (Central European Time) between Friday and Saturday before the race. Another reason is because your team is not valid. Remember, you will need two different drivers, a chassis and engines to go racing. And you need to be able to afford it all. There will be error messages in the screen to tell you why you can't complete your purchase, if one of the before mentioned conditions is false.

How many points do I get?

The below table lists how many points are awared for a specific position in qualifying or the race.

pos drivers chassis engines
qualifying race qualifying race qualifying race

A bonus of 15 points will be awarded after the race to the driver who set the fastest lap, the chassis (team) that set the fastest pitstop time (measured from pitlane entry to pitlane exit) and the engine that set the highest topspeed at the speedtrap.

Besides earning points, you might also loose points. Any time a driver, chassis or engine is given a performance penalty by the FIA (i.e. a drive-through penalty, a grid penalty, a time penalty etc, but not fines or warnings), 15 points are subtracted from the score. It is possible to get multiple penalties, for example if a driver both gets a grid penalty and a drive-through penalty, 30 points are subtracted from that driver's score. A disqualification will be penalized harsher than penalties, with 30 points subtracted per disqualification. Note that for the purpose of this manager, a penalty given to a team will be considered to be a penalty given to a chassis.

We will use the results as they are published on the FIA site at 16:00 hours Central European Time. Changes to the official result after that time due to appeals for example will not be corrected in our game. Points are subtracted from the session in which the action that resulted in the penalty being given was committed. In case of doubt when or where a penalty should result in points being subtraced, the crew of FoletonF1 tries to make the most sensible decision.

How do I earn new budget?

For each point your team scores, you will be given 13.500 credits.

What are clubs?

Clubs are groups of players that like to play the F1Manager together. Inside the clubhouse you can compare each other's scores and you have a club ranking. Club members also contribute to the club score over the weekend, and the clubs have a ranking in a club competition. This will not affect a member's personal scores. A club must be founded and a member must have joined before the deadline of a race to be able to score points that weekend.

Every player can start a club, by selecting the appropriate option from his or her profile page. The founder of a club can decide whether the club is public (anyone can join), or private (only players with the password can join). The founder can also decide to expel misbehaving members from his or her club.

Players can join a club, by selecting the appropriate option from his or her profile page. They can be a member of any number of clubs, and can resign and rejoin a club whenever they like, as long as they've not been expelled from that club. Being expelled is permanent and non-reversable, so you better behave in someone else's club.

Can I discuss scores or news somewhere?

We do not have our own news feature. is the absolute leader when it comes to quick, reliable and high-quality news items, and we do not feel the need to compete. Instead we have a RSS tracker and send you over to their site with pleasure. We will create posts on our home page after the race where you can discuss both the results of this game and the real life news.

What else should I know?

Maybe some rules that will be pretty common sense, but just to be sure:

  • The rules can be adjusted, whenever we feel this is necessary for a balanced, fair and fun game. We will always communicate this cleary, beforehand on the home page.
  • We can cancel the game if we feel that for whatever reason it is impossible to continue.
  • We do stupid things. We try not to, but we're human. Try not to whine about it. If you let us know what we did wrong, we will try to fix it. If we can't, we apologise in advance. But please don't bear a grudge untill the end of times. Really, it's not worth it.
  • We can kick you out. We will not do so lightly, and you will probably deserve it if we do. Be kind to us and other contestants, we'll be kind to you.
  • Do not create a zillion accounts. As a matter of fact, we request you only register once and play with one team. At the beginning of the season you'll have choice of some 2.500 unique teams. What fun would it be to manage them all? Would you really be proud if you got maximum points?
  • Crew is not excluded from playing. We like the game as well, so we play as well. We don't cheat. If you have doubts about crewmembers, you can recalculate his/her score yourself. If it's not what it should be, just let us know and we'll be happy to take care of it. Should there be any prizes in the future, the crew will not be eligible for them.
  • We decide what to do if a situation occurs that is not covered by the rules. Probably we will ask for feedback before a final decision is made, but the final decision is made by us, and once we make it we are not likely to change it.
  • You agree to these rules if you want to play the game. If you don't, go play somewhere where they have rules you can live with, or start your own manager.

What if my question is not in this FAQ?

Please contact us. You can use the feedback form for all your questions.